Beesquito, Donuts and Mars is about dreaming BIG and having courage even though things might not go as planned. And it’s funny. Beesquito’s space adventure through the asteroid belt, craters and a sand storm in search of life on Mars will make children laugh and ask questions.

Children’s picture book – 36 pages  Ages 3 to 8



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Art that makes you smile


Everyone deserves to live in make believe. Escape from reality and embrace whimsy. Let me introduce my nine new unique paper clay mounts that make a bold creative statement. They are meticulously imagined into wild and enchanting creatures. The Skudemoo Collection

This is the process I use. A pine board is cut, glued and sanded into a plaque. Wire and threaded rods are then inserted, cut and bent to form the armature. Aluminum foil and styrofoam are used to create the base shape before they are sculpted with paper clay. The clay is sculpted, sanded, drilled and tweaked until a creature is born. The final touch is the acrylic paint that brings the mount to life. For protection and added shimmer, each mount is coated in a gloss or mat varnish.


The mounts are personalized with real antlers found in the woods, feathers, collars or a bow tie - giving the mount a final touch of whimsy. Not surprisingly, the mounts each have a unique name and their own story. Of course.


Each of these mounts was painstakingly created from within me with love and care and a great deal of patience and time. I consider each one to be part of me – part of my family.
I hope they make you smile.

The SKUDEMOO Collection
Jumbled Animal Paper Clay Mounts

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