Winter 2022 collection of paper clay mounts

Let me introduce my seven new unique paper clay mounts that are sure to make you smile!These mounts are bold in colour and appearance each unique in design and meticulously created into wild and whimsical creatures.

They start with a base from a simple pine board that is cut glued and sanded into a plaque by my hubby. Wire and threaded rods are then inserted, cut, bent and used as an armature - aluminum foil and styrofoam are used as a filler before being sculpted with Creative paper clay. The clay is sculpted, sanded, drilled tweaked until a creature is born. The final touch is the acrylic paint that brings the mount to life. For protection each mount is coated in a gloss varnish. All the mounts are enhanced with an accessory, like antlers that are found in the woods or donated, feathers, collars, bow tie - giving the mount a final touch of whimsy. 

Each of the seven mounts has been given a unique name and character description that brings the mount into reality. An engraved metal name tag is proudly displayed on each mount.

As an artist each of these mounts were created from within me with love and care and a great deal of patience and time - I consider each one to be part of me – part of my family.