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Pinting of three whimsical blue birds
Painting of a whimsical blackbird in the snow
Painting of an oversized red bird

Acrylic paintings & Paper clay mounts


Beesquito looking up at the sky imagining life on Mars
Beesquito in bed looking under the bed at the blue lemupard

Follow Beesquito’s space adventure through the asteroid belt, craters and a sand storm in search of life on Mars. Armed with six gourmet donuts to share, Beesquito (bee + mosquito jumbimal) ventures off in a customized rocketship designed and delivered by Nole Muskemu (musk ox + emu jumbimal). 

SWISH! CLACK! DRIBBLE! It happens every night. Beesquito (bee + mosquito jumbimal) can’t fall asleep because there is a blue lemupard (lemur + leopard jumbimal) under the bed in their treehouse. Not only was it scary, it was noisy and smelly. Beesquito decides to take action with surprising results.

Books 2 and 3 of the The Jumbimal series, written and illustrated by sisters Susan Smith Brazill and Monica Jean Smith

Children’s picture books – 36 pages  
Ages 3 to 8

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