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Beesquito on Thin Ice

Geneviève Charlebois and the kiddos
Zoey, Finn, Keilan and Norah

Alfred, ON


Just read the book with the kiddos! 

As usual it was a success!

The illustrations are spectacular, says Zoey (age 11).

The theme is a very good choice, says Finn (age 10).

The rhyming part was a favourite all around!

Norah (age 6)  liked the story’s ending .

Keilan (age 7) liked searching for the little pet tardifrogs. 

Finn liked that BQ’s jersey number was the same as Wayne Gretzy’s.

You ladies do amazing work together!

Sheila Poulin,
Pembroke, ON

This is by far your best book yet. This book has it all - beautiful illustrations, consistent and age appropriate writing. Very well done. I love it. It’s fantastic, truly. 


You’ve both done a great job. A good lesson and a story that’s not too complex for the reader to follow. Very, VERY well done.

Emery Wolfe,
Regina, SK


Like an inverse Batman, Beesquito is the hero they need, not the one they want. 


Any story that can reference Batman has to be good and in the end, they are all better for it, including Beesquito.

Beesquito and the
Blue Lemupard

Review from Pamela Eastwood - Children's Coordinator - Clarence Rockland Library

Meet Beesquito, BQ for short. A funny little friend that kids of all ages will fall in love with. BQ may be small, weird, and funny looking, but he is brave and creative and loves to dream big! Beesquito and the Blue Lemupard is the third book in the Jumbimal series, written and illustrated by sisters Susan Smith Brazil from Saskatchewan and Monica Jean Smith, from Ontario.


Trying to sleep at night can be difficult at times as it is; however, try falling asleep with a Blue Lemupard under your bed! Oh, the noise! And the smell! How is BQ ever to get some rest? Time to get serious and take action! After some creative planning and brave preparations, BQ is ready to face this horrible, terrible, smelly monster under the bed! A lesson in bravery and a lesson that things are not always what they seem are a couple of the ideas BQ and kids will learn from this book.

A fun read with silly made-up words for silly made-up creatures that make silly made-up sounds. This book will make you laugh out loud, each ending with a surprise.


This series is full of hidden lessons and new creatures. Readers will walk away, chuckling for days.


Fun for teachers to read to a class. Fun for parents to read to their kids. Fun for me as a Children’s Program Coordinator to read all on my own! These series are a good independent read for children 8 years plus.  Large letters, simple sentences, and just enough funny words to keep them giggling.  I look forward to more books from this duo and wouldn’t be surprised if it became a popular children’s cartoon.

Review from our book sponsor Dr. Patricia Smith

Beesquito is scared because there is a blue lemupard under their bed. BQ can’t sleep and just wants to get rid of the cause of the misery. BQ has some great ideas that will for sure get rid of the nuisance. This nuisance, the scary Blue Lemupard, has no idea what is in store for it. This story is fun and original and the illustrations are out of this world. This third book in the Jumbimal series addresses a common fear among children.  It makes kids question whether things are as scary as they think they are.


I sponsored this book because my little sisters wrote and illustrated it, of course. However, as a doctor, mother and grandmother I have professional and personal experience dealing with children with all sorts of fears and anxiety. I love that this book addresses that in a fun and amusing way. It surely will help many kids dealing with anxiety realize they are not alone and that there can be humour and a happy ending.


Another great children’s picture book from the sister team Monica Jean Smith and Susan Smith Brazill. Highly recommended.

Review from Robin - Age 6

Robin says: will there be another story of BQ soon? I like the sound effects and that there was a monster lurking under the bed. My favorite character is Nibor because he is scary but cute. 

Review from Christiane Laflèche

I love the contrast of dark and bright colours in the art. The writing has rhythm and keeps young children interested. The characters are so lovable and adorable with their flawed and quirky personalities and ultimately kind and sensitive natures. I can't get enough of BQs cute little arms and Nibor's chubby face. As a mom of 2 highly sensitive boys, I recommend this whimsical tale about how our worries are usually worse in our heads.

Review from Stacey Braun

Our family just finished reading the newest book by Susan Smith Brazill! My kids (3 & 6) loved the colourful images and interactive words (their scritches and scratches were very enthusiastic!)


After reading I asked what he liked about the story and he wisely commented on the message of sharing and being kindto people. 


We are looking forward to adding this book to our collection, and we think you should add it to yours too!

Review from Heather MacDonell

We loved reading this book together, especially before bedtime. My 6 year old son loved all the onomatopoeic words that we said together, loved the funny descriptions, but we especially loved how both characters conquered their fears together and found out they had so much in common! 


It’s a book about inclusion and finding out how important it is to get to know someone- they might just share your love of cupcakes and quantum physics!


and Mars

Beesquito, Donuts and Mars

Je suis particulièrement chanceuse d’avoir une belle-mère Monica Jean Smith extra créative et talentueuse. Elle et sa sœur Susan Smith Brazill préparent le lancement de leur deuxième livre pour enfants le 7 octobre prochain! Vous pourrez vous en commander une copie pour vous-même ou pour offrir en cadeau à Noël! Le cadeau parfait pour les jeunes enfants qui apprennent l’anglais 😃 une histoire captivante et des illustrations uniques et magnifiques ❤️


Lydie Seguin

Beesquito, Donuts and Mars will delight both children and grownups who read to them.

When Beesquito, BQ for short, gazes into the starry night, he knows that he must undertake the hero’s quest to prove there is life on Mars.

Strapped into his BQ size customized rocket, with snacks, safety tether and a box of Momma BQ’s artisanal gourmet donuts to share, BQ steers his rocket ship into the unknown.

Like many heroes on quests, BQ faces challenge upon challenge, not the least of which are the sneaky little tardifrogs who follow him, snatching Momma’s gooey donuts from the box, while BQ weary and bummed out, becomes convinced that there is no life on Mars.

Back on earth, Momma BQ praises BQ for having the courage to follow his dreams even if his quest has failed.  Meanwhile on Mars, the sneaky little tardifrogs are feasting under the stars sharing their mega secret that THERE IS LIFE ON MARS.

Susan Smith Brazill’s Beesquito, a hero who dreams big; follows his dream; faces every challenge, but fails to see the sneaky little tardifrogs that are just behind him and his box of artisanal donuts, is a hero with whom kids can  identify. And the fact that all along the kids reading the story can see the sneaky little tardifrogs that PROVE there is life on Mars will delight them. 

The fun Smith Brazill has as she chooses just the right words to describe her hero’s quest is infectious.  Kids will love rolling their tongues around words like ‘artisanal’ and ‘quintillions’. Monica Jean Smith’s illustrations are beautifully detailed and tell a story that kids can discover on their own.  For example, what’s that capital letter ‘B’ doing on Beesquito’s rocket ship?

Beesquito, Donuts and Mars will be a welcome addition to any child’s bookshelf.  I highly recommend this absolutely charming book. 

Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mystery series.

Beesquito, Donuts and Mars
By Susan Smith Brazill and Monica Jean Smith

Not only is this story creative and silly (with wicked artwork), but it packs an important message about following your dreams. Beesquito is the first creature to travel all the way to mars. Nole Muskemu's human counterpart better take notes! 

Claire Ledding

Beesquito, Donuts and Mars
By Susan Smith Brazill and Monica Jean Smith

Your new book was such a good read and such a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about growth mindset. Even when we feel disappointed because it seems like we failed, we always gain something. I love that Beesquito is clumsy, determined, vulnerable and brave. BQ is the perfect role model for my very cautious kids! Now I have got to go because my son wants me to re-read the story! When is the new one coming?

Christiane Lafleche, MSW, RSW and mother of two young boys

Beesquito, Donuts and Mars

By Susan Smith Brazill and Monica Jean Smith


Loved this story.  It has everything that kids love – from adventure to gooey donuts to puking! Yay! 


Peggie Koenig, FCMC, Founder & President/CEO, Koenig Leadership Advisory


Beesquito, Donuts and Mars
By Susan Smith Brazill and Monica Jean Smith

Loved this book – the funnest road trip with the best snacks!  The writing is so much fun and the illustrations are spectacular. How can I order some books? 
Catherine R. Gryba, ICD.D, CRG Strategies and grandma

Beesquito, Donuts and Mars
By Susan Smith Brazill and Monica Jean Smith

Beesquito has captivated us again! This book is a beautiful work of art. With its amazing illustrations and fascinating story that will delight the older kids yet sure to captivate the younger ones as well with its fun rhythm and rhymes! This book is sure to be a family favourite.


Geneviève Charlebois

Greedy Beesquito 
and the
Alphabet Jumbimals

‘This is absolutely charming. I’m sure kids will love the Greedy Beesquito’s adventure and the way the story’s words roll off the tongue. Of course, the illustrations are glorious and very witty. Good luck with Greedy Beesquito and the Alphabet Jumbimals. It was an honour to have a first glance.’


Gail Bowen, Author and Playwright, Regina, Saskatchewan



‘I bought this sweet Alphabet book today! My “sisters” Monica and Susan wrote this fun alphabet story book. Some jumbled animals and naughty Beesquito steals their weird snacks. Literacy .. from the beginning letter sounds of animals and a corresponding adjective to a repetitive chorus that children will love. I can see letter identification and sounds cemented with these memorable characters. Monica painted the animals and Sue wrote the story. There is a card game you can order as well.

Check out’


Carolyn Mcintyre, Retired Teacher, Ottawa, Ontario

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